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Commercial boiler insurance

We understand that a faulty boiler at your business premises could affect the day-to-day running of your business. With Boilerplus you can recoup the costs of repairing or replacing the faulty parts of your boiler that cause it to breakdown.

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As part of our commercial boiler cover, we can arrange protection for boilers located on your commercial premises.

Benefits of choosing Boilerplus for your commercial boiler insurance include:

  • A generous claim limit of up to £1,500 per year.
  • Cover for all components and controls within the boiler casing and back boiler.
  • Boilers up to 20 years old are accepted at new business.
  • Labour charges during normal working hours are covered.
  • The option to add extra cover for your central heating system.
  • You can choose your own engineer for repairs and services, meaning your boiler can be repaired by someone you recognise and trust.

Conventional Boiler

  • Fitted pre 1 April 2005.
  • The most traditional form of heating in the UK.
  • This type of boiler heats the hot water and stores it in a hot water tank/ cylinder.
  • Often fed by a cold water tank.
  • Manual override button when hot water runs out (emersion heater.)

Price per year from £167.38*.

Conventional Condensing Boiler

  • Any conventional boiler fitted after 1 April 2005 must be a condensing boiler.
  • Works the same as a conventional boiler, but also uses the heat trapped in the condensation that used to go out of the flue as steam vapour.
  • By condensing this hot moisture, the hot condensed liquid is used to help heat the water passing through the boiler making it more energy efficient.

Price per year from £238.37*.

Combination Boiler

  • This type of boiler has become increasingly more popular.
  • No separate water tank/ cylinder.
  • Heated water goes straight from the boiler to the tap.

Price per year from £238.37*.

*Prices are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at 12%. Does not include administrative fee of £27.50.

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